Have it all in Washington?

Here, you still can.

Heading west to the Evergreen State used to promise a better way of life. From snow-capped mountains to lush forests, pristine rivers and plentiful lakes—not to mention four distinct seasons to enjoy it all—Washington was a beacon of livability. Relatively untamed and reasonably uncrowded, it was a place where a person with a dream and an ounce of ambition could make an honest living without compromising quality of life.

This Washington still exists—just not where you think.

While Seattle is still a special place, locals have to work hard to afford a lifestyle that hardly exists anymore. And those living on the outskirts and working in the city are subjected to some of the longest commute times in the country. These trends have Washingtonians looking elsewhere for a better way, and they’re finding it in Spokane.

In Spokane, affordable housing, short commutes, and a strong job market welcome you. It’s a city surrounded by nature and bathed in sunshine and possibility. And it’s only a 45-minute flight from Sea-Tac airport, so you can enjoy the best things about Seattle, from live sports to popular shows—and fly home in less time than it takes some commuters to drive home in Seattle. That’s #HackingWashington.

Your 2nd HQ

Businesses want to be where educated, happy people want to be. So it’s no surprise that many successful companies call Washington home. There's a mythology of what it means to live and work in the Evergreen State—a palpable magnetism of Lewis & Clark proportions attracting the country's brightest minds and most adventurous spirits to the state's harmonious, nature-infused quality of life. But for Washington's Emerald City, that's quickly changing. As commute times and the cost of business and housing go up in Seattle, the quality of life is going south.

That’s why savvy employees are heading east, and smart businesses are following suit.

Home to five leading colleges supplying a skilled workforce, an international airport, affordable housing, commute times under twenty minutes, and ample office space with rent that is often less than half the cost of commercial rent in Seattle, Spokane is a growing metro area that welcomes business and provides the work/life balance that attracted so many people to Washington in the first place. The mythical Washington we all know and love still exists, and it's making Spokane the next great place to open up shop.

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